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Winston and the Canny Lass – Barry Stone

Winston and the Canny LassWinston and the Canny Lass is the second book in The Winston Tails series by Barry Stone. Six years on from the events of Barking at Winston, this book focusses on Vanessa, one of the four children, and once again draws the reader into the lives of the members of this unconventional, dysfunctional and sometimes quirky family. Again, told through the eyes of the family’s psychic rescue dog Bruce, we journey with Vanessa as she discovers love for the first time, with the dashing Zenon, who has a surprise in store for both her and us, the reader. The tale takes twists and turns along the way, always drawing us deeper and deeper into the world of this chaotic family, discovering secrets and tragedies along the way.

This is not a book full of sunshine and light, there are some dark and sometimes disturbing revelations and even one or two ghosts! But there are plenty of laughs along the way

Barry Stone, once again, has created a clever page-turner with tantalising cliff hangers, making this book almost impossible to put down. Fortunately for me there are two more of The Winston Tails books to look forward to.

Winston and the Canny Lass is available at Waterstones and on-line at Amazon.

ISBN 978-0956693211