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Volkswagen Beetle 1300 1975

Volkswagen Beetle 1300

I bought this 1975 Volkswagen Beetle when I was in Cape Town in April 2102, to use as a second vehicle. An old lady had left the car to her grandson who was only 16 years old at the time. He, as most young men today, did not appreciate Beetles and told his dad to sell it. That is how I was able to buy it from the gentleman in Edgemead, Cape Town.

The C O R (similar to MoT) document shows the mileage as 27,538km in 1993. I am not certain but the old lady could very well have been the second owner. She had used it just to go to the local shopping center and to visit her grandson, who lived just up the road from her. Thus the low mileage. The car was always parked in a garage from the time it was owned by the old lady until now.

Volkswagen Beetle 1300I bought the car with only 41,359km on the clock. This rekindled my love for Beetles as my first car was a 1961 Beetle 1300, with 6 volt electrics! I very soon bought a second Beetle, a 1975 model with a 1600 twin port Engine. This became my daily car and the 1300 was used only for weekend road trips. Because of job opportunities I had to sell the 1600 and move to Port Elizabeth.

In October I drove the car to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town with luggage and a passenger and got 12-13 km/litre! It drove very well with no problems.

In December 2013, I went up to KwaZulu-Natal on a 3,000 km road trip. This again was a problem free journey. I serviced the car in Cape Town before I left. The oil is still full. It is still mechanically almost perfect for car that is 39 years old. I have replaced the battery, exhaust and recently fuel pump. I also replaced the points and condenser with electronic ignition. To the best of my knowledge, and I had it checked by a Beetle mechanic of over 25 years’ experience, the engine has never been stripped or worked on.

Volkswagen Beetle 1300The body, as you can see from the photos, is 99%rust free. The fenders have been resprayed because the old lady, with her poor eyesight, used to scratch them on her driveway gate! The door posts are still original. I did not spray the Beetle because I think that will devalue the car and I want to keep it in its original condition. It has a few minor scratches but you will have to look close to see them.

I am not exaggerating when I say it drives like it’s brand new. This is not a car for the person who wants any old Beetle. It is a car for the discerning Beetle enthusiast/collector! It is an excellent investment in a classic car that, with proper care and maintenance, will only increase in value. Sadly I am selling this because I want to buy an M G Convertible.


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