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show us your car

At Our Classic Cars we want you to showcase your car and help us to create a Virtual Car Show. So how do you do that?

Just do a write up about your car and send it in along with some photos to info@ourclassiccars.co.uk and we’ll do the rest!

You will get your own dedicated page in our Virtual Car Show section with no cost at all to you.

qrcode.18603610We’ll send you a pdf of a data sheet for your car, which you can print out to display in your car at shows etc. The data sheet will contain a QR code, which anyone with a smart phone can scan and directly access your car’s page.

You don’t even need to be a wordsmith! Just send up your story, in your own words, and we’ll edit it for you. We may have to contact you for further information.

Hints and Tips

Just tell us the story about your car. What made you interested in that particular model? What sparked your interest in classic cars? Tell us the make, model and year etc, when you bought it and what you have had to do or have done to it. How do you use your classic car? Is it in everyday use or a concours show stopper? What clubs and groups are you involved in and where do you show it?

We are looking for your story to be around 500 words but more is fine.

Please send unedited photos at original size if possible in .jpg format.

Please email text and photos separately. Some e-mail servers are temperamental and have a size limit for each message.


Please note, for your privacy, we will remove your registration plate from your photographs and will not mention anything other than your first name in the text.

We look forward to seeing your car on our pages soon