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Vintage Festival of Light, Ashover

Vintage Festival of Light

Once again the first weekend in October saw us travelling to Crich in Derbyshire. We stayed at Standcliffe House Caravan Club CL. This weekend also coincided with The Vintage Festival of Light at Ashover Showground, organised by the South Winfield and District Classic Tractor Group. The show features a wide range of exhibits including vintage vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, trikes, various stalls and stands. There’s a dog show, children’s fairground, live music and entertainment. Vintage Festival of Light There was also a fantastic aerobatic display by Steve Carver. As dusk fell the lights started to go on; many of these powered by oil or paraffin powered generators used in the days before the National Grid. Everything that could be lit up was, including the American motorhomes, tractors, buses and even Santa’s sleigh – in October can you believe it? This represents a good family day out and value for money at just £5 for adults on the Saturday, which drops to £3 on Fridays and Sundays. Much money is raised in aid of the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance.

Vintage Festival of Light This part of Derbyshire, the Amber Valley, is a much underrated holiday destination with some picturesque villages that could easily compare with ones in the Cotswolds or the Lake District. There is stunning scenery everywhere you look!

On our way to the show we noticed a sign for a car boot sale nearby, so decided that on Sunday morning we would pay to visit. The car boot sale on Dethick Lane is very large and we easily spent a couple of hours mooching around. Later we called for a delicious Full English breakfast at the Crich Tea Rooms, which are just a short walk from the caravan site. Unfortunately I fell ill on the Sunday afternoon (no connection to the Full English) and so spent most of my time writhing on the floor in agony.

Vintage Festival of Light Once again we were lucky with the weather. There was a little rain on Friday night and early Saturday morning, which soon cleared up and it stayed dry over the weekend. However during Sunday night we were treated to a monsoon, which continued all day Monday.

As usual things didn’t go without a hitch. It seems every time we go out in the motorhome something happens. This time the brakes packed in and we had to have the discs and pads replaced. It appears one of the brake pads had shattered, badly scoring the disc. Fortunately these were relatively inexpensive to replace and the work was carried out by our new favourite garage Drive 2000 with whom we’re now on first name terms!

Vintage Festival of Light