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Vauxhall Ventora FD

Vauxhall Ventora FD

The FD series was fourth incarnation of the Vauxhall Victor, which was a popular large British saloon. The FD series was launched in 1967 and offered modern ‘coke bottle’ styling, popular in the States at the time. Initially the Vauxhall Victor FD was offered with either a 1.6 or 2.0 litre four cylinder engine, which many believed to be under powered.

This was remedied in February 1969 with the launch of the Vauxhall Ventora, which featured the 3.3 litre straight six cylinder engine from the larger Cresta and Viscount models. This new model boasted 123 brake horse powered, which was a significant leap up from the 88 bhp of the 2.0 litre Victor. The Ventora also sported additional instrumentation, including a rev counter, and wider wheels with larger brakes. Externally the Ventora visually differed from the Victor with a unique grill and a vinyl roof.

Vauxhall Ventora FD My Vauxhall Ventora was built in 1969. She was purchased in 2013 after I sold my MkII Ford Escort. The American ‘muscle car’ styling and ‘coke bottle’ lines of the Ventora really appealed to me.

Currently I used the car in the summer and at weekends and attend the occasional car show with it.

The Ventora has a ton of space under the bonnet, ideal to house a small block Chevy engine (if I ever get round to it). I’m also planning a new metallic paint job in purple and a set of Mickey Thompson wheels! – watch this space


Vauxhall Ventora FD