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Triumph Toledo

Triumph Toledo

I remembered the Triumph Toledo from when my uncle had owned one in his younger days and often took me out, as a child, for trips. The Toledo was a development of the Triumph 1300 and boasted a similar body style, although with some modernisation. One major difference was that unlike the 1300, the Toledo was rear wheel drive. One of the reasons for this was that it was less expensive to produce and had simpler mechanicals than the front wheel drive predecessors. The Toledo was joined by the similar looking but more expensive Dolomite, although this had a longer rear end and twin headlamps. Production of the Toledo ran from 1970 to 1976.

Triumph Toledo

I bought my 1973, 1.3 litre Triumph Toledo in 2011. Although only having 40,000 original miles on the clock, she was in quite a sorry state when I bought her. I had to drive the 100 or so miles home with half an exhaust system! At some point the Toledo had had an argument with a wall (and obviously lost) so some body repairs were necessary, in particular the front passenger wing. Among other things I treated the car to a new exhaust, wheel bearings, gearbox mounts and brakes all round. She has received a full re-spray and is now back to the standard condition in which she left the factory in 1973.

Triumph ToledoI’m not a believer in owning a lovely car for it to sit on the drive looking pretty, I drive the Toledo every day. I do attend many shows throughout the year. Recently we visited Goathland, also known as Heartbeat Country, and as you can see from the photos, she fitted in nicely.



Triumph ToledoOn the way home from Whitby Car Show last year, we had a little mishap whilst overtaking a lorry – as can be seen in the photograph – but all was well in the end (if slightly terrifying at the time!).