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Triumph 2500S Estate

 Triumph 2500S Estate

After a mad late night, and a few pints, I did the famous drunken e-bay search. I purchased Layla, my 1976 Triumph 2500S estate, from a scrap man in Leicester. He had been called to a house clearance to remove what was described as ‘a pile of junk’ from a garage. The old lady, who had owned the car, was 93 and going into sheltered accommodation and the family did not want the car. The Triumph car had been sat in her garage since her husband died in 1986 and had done 81,000 miles from new. 

Triumph 2500S Estate


Not realising what it was and how much it was worth, I got in my car the next morning handed the bloke a pile of cash £1,000 to be exact. I had bought a shed of a car…. Or it looked like it. I was slightly hungover so unable to inspect properly. That was my 20th birthday present to myself in April 2013.

Triumph 2500S Estate

After a very good clean the interior was completely immaculate! After a good clean and polish on the outside she was even better! Almost perfect!

She did require some welding underneath, mainly on the inner wheel arches, and boot floor. I later found out the boot floor was notorious for rust, because it used a MkI saloon body and then was shipped down the road to Carbodies to be converted into an estate car. Therefore the upright wheel holder, which indented into the floor, rusted terribly.

Triumph 2500S EstateAfter countless hours working to recondition the engine, brakes, and a ton of other issues, I got there in the end and in January 2014 I drove her to her first MOT since 1986. She sailed through with no advisories! And then her engine packed up again.

The Triumph 2500S estate has a rare blue velour interior, is an auto with twin carburettors, meaning that at the best of times I will only get 18-20mpg. She is definitely thirsty!

I am told by howmanyleft.co.uk that there are only 20 or so left of the Triumph 2500S models, and that included both saloons and estates, which makes you question… How many of those are estates? I know of only two others.

In April 2014 I turned 21 and as a birthday present Layla decided to work again, however the night before I was up until 3am!

Triumph 2500S Estate

I am very much involved with the classic caravan scene and Layla can often be seen towing a period caravan behind her.