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Smart Roadster 04

We soon decided that we needed a small car to tow behind the motorhome and wasn’t too impressed with the choice of vehicles cheap enough and light enough to comfortably drag behind Bertha. Neither of us fancied being seen in a run of the mill supermini, such as a Citroen C1, Toyota Yaris or Vauxhall Aguila and felt we’d look completely daft in a Smart ForTwo. The Smart Roadster however, was quirky enough and looked like a fun car to play around in. After trawling the Internet for information and discovering the many pitfalls of owning a Smart Roadster we decided to take the plunge and purchase one. Once again we travelled miles looking at various dealers for ‘the one’. Every one we’d seen was either tatty or had an indoor swimming pool in the driver’s footwell – not a good indication. The prices of many were prohibitive. It seemed like these little cars were in demand, none of the ones we’d seen advertised stayed around for long and often they’d been sold by the time we enquired about them. I’d set my heart on a blue Roadster with a black Tridion safety cell and these were few and far between.

Smart Roadster 06

Eventually we spotted and advert for a 2004 Roadster in blue with a silver Tridion, (at least it had the wheels I preferred) and it was local to us. Although it had reasonable high mileage at 90,000 but the car appeared to be in good condition and had been well maintained, which is vital with a Smart engine. The deal was soon done and in February 2013 we took delivery of her. Shortly after I booked her into M-Star, a local Smart specialist for a service. They carried out a full check on the car and noted one of two things that needed looking at, rear bushes, shockers and a new wiper motor, which had developed a fault. In May we were having a new carport built so the Roadie was going to be stored in a friend’s garage for the duration. On taking her round I discovered the aternator light had come on – this proved to be a failed alternator and once again M-Star came to the rescue. I decided to restore and reproof the canvas roof using Renovo cleaner, restorer and re-prooofer, which worked a treat. At the moment the Roadster only gets occasional use and gets washed more often than driven! I’m currently looking into which A-frame to have fitted to the front so we can tow her behind the motorhome.

Due to a change of circumstances we never did get the A-frame fitted and in May 2016 decided to sell the Roadster. The car was hardly being used yet, I was still sad to see her go. Her new owner lives quite local to us so we may see her out and about on sunny weekends.

Smart Roadster 03