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Rover 2200TC P6

Rover 2200TC

We have just purchased a lovely 1974 Rover 2200TC P6. We had wanted a Rover P6 for a long time to tow our vintage caravan and we purchased a Monza red 2200 last year. We were told it was immaculate and as it was 270 miles away from us, we had quite a lot of photos sent so we could see what it was like. So we bit the bullet and went off with a hired trailer to purchase it. Well when we got there, I discovered, what was immaculate to them was pretty patched and rough to us. However, after such a long trip we decided it was restorable and as the price wasn’t too bad we bought it. After we got it back home the full horror of it became apparent. It really was a rust bucket. Even though it had been welded, the job was a complete bodge. All of the patches had just been welded over the original rust, which had festered inside for years! We did decide to try and save it, spending quite a bit of money on new parts in the process. The mechanical side was just as bad as the body. We reconditioned a replacement engine, bought lots of new brake parts, bushes etc. etc. etc.! But then I took off the steering box to find a huge hole in the chassis underneath, which spread into the bulkhead under the insulation. So that was a head scratcher for sure. Did we continue or give up?

As fate would have it, a friend of ours in Coventry got in touch and told us that a chap had messaged him on Facebook asking if he was interested in a 1974 Rover 2200TC P6. As our mate already had a P6, he wasn’t interested, but asked us if we knew of anyone who might be. Always interested in P6 cars I told him to email the details and photos and I’d pass it around. Well what a surprise to find the car was just 4 miles away from us in Cornwall!!!


Rover 2200TC

The photographs looked good, so we though “why not?” and we arranged to meet the owner on Saturday 3rd of January 2015. Not really thinking “this is the one for us”, we arrived and the guy, Dean, opened up the huge garage he rented space in and WOW! There she was! It looked such a lovey car, but wait – that bloody red one looked nice and shiny too! So on went the overalls and with a large screwdriver in hand I got under the car for a thorough poke about. After a lot of prodding inside and out, I came to the conclusion that this was a virtually rust-free car. The base unit was rust free. It had been repaired in the past in places, but to a very high standard, the front nearside sill had a small amount of rust on the front end and a couple of the door bottoms were bubbling. The interior was very good. The engine started, but the exhaust was blowing like mad and the engine was misfiring, (we have since found the electric fuel pump was shot) but there was no knocking or rattles. So we decided there and then to buy this one and break the red 2200.

Rover 2200TC 04

The car was purchased new in 1974 by the owner’s great uncle, who ran it until he died, then his wife used it until she was 85. In 1998 it was then laid up in her garage and after she died in 2009 it went to the chap we purchased it from and he has never had it on the road.

So the plan is to make this Almond Rover 2200TC into a mint car. We will use all the new stuff we have already bought for the old red one and get her up to as new a condition as we can. But to start with will just be putting her through the MOT and driving her for 12 months then start in on the task of getting her really sorted.

Rover 2200TC