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Rover 2000 TC

Rover 2000 TC

Ever since an early age I have wanted a classic car and, at the age of 16, that dream nearly, just nearly became a reality. A friend of the family was selling his Morris Minor, but by the time I got the go ahead to buy it, alas the car had been sold. So from there on I was even more determined to get a vehicle with chrome and Square Eights! It was when travelling to a show on an old double-decker bus that my parents and I saw her, a beautiful 1972 Rover 2000TC in Zircon Blue, sitting beside another 72 2000TC, but in the very 70s shade of Tobacco Leaf.

The next day we went for a nervous viewing, and the rest as they say, is history.

Rover 2000 TC 03

Since buying her in August 2012 I’ve had a few minor issues, but none serious enough to keep her off the road for too long. I’ve been to shows up and down the country and 2014 looks like every weekend is filled with a rally here or there.

Rover 2000 TC 02

Now for the technical bits…

The car started being made on the 17th December 1971 and was finished on 21st December 1971, being first registered in Chelmsford on the 12th January 1972. Powered by a 1978cc inline four cylinder engine, fuel supply being by twin SU carburettors.

I’m 17 now. I have contributed to both the P6 clubs, the P6ROC and Rover P6 Club.