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Rochdale Classic Car Show 2018

Rochdale Classic Car Show 2018I know it’s been a long time since my last blog update but sometimes life gets in the way. Although we haven’t attended many shows we have appeared at a few recently, we just haven’t had time to update you all on them.

So, last year the Rotary Club of Rochdale introduced its first classic car show – alas, we couldn’t go due to other commitments. However, this year we could – and did. 

The show’s venue was on the fields at Littleborough Sports Club, which is situated at the back of Hollingworth Lake, a popular destination for families and walkers. Unfortunately, there is only one narrow access road, which is quite long and has few places for oncoming vehicles to pass. This meant a very slow journey around the lake and, as we are in the middle of a heatwave, resulted in one of two cars experiencing overheating issues. That said, once on the showground it became obvious why this was chosen as a venue. With a dramatic backdrop of a huge motorway viaduct (The M62), the sports fields were level and well maintained and able to accommodate a vast number of cars – and a vast number turned out too!

As you would expect, being organised by the Rotary Club, there were ample marshalls on hand to help out and the whole show had the feel of a well established event, not one in only it’s second year.

The range of cars on show was wide and varied, including, vintage, classic, supercars and modified cars as well as American, military and two wheeled vehicles. There was also a good selection of stalls and a show ring with entertainment throughout the day. To our surprise there were a lot of vehicles attended that we have not seen before. We quite often see the same cars at various shows.

Visitors could park at the lake and take a pleasant walk up to the showground, or take advantage of the regular free shuttle bus service. This ensured a steady stream of visitors throughout the day.

The sun beat down for most of the day with just a few clouds and the occasional light breeze to give some respite from the heat. 

As I have stated before, only the access problems to she showground let this event down and I’m sure in coming years, some sort of traffic control could be put in place to ease that. But over all it was a well organised and well attended show and we look forward to going back again next year.