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Porsche 924S

Porsche 924S

I had a friend, David, who changed his cars more often than some people change their socks! He’s owned – as far as I can remember – a Ford Capri, a Mini Cooper, BMW 2002, Alpha Romeo Clover Leaf, Fiat 500 Coupe, Fiat X1/9 and many others. One day, he turned up in his Smart Car, and said “I’ve just bought a Porsche!”, unconvinced, I said “Prove it”. 2 days later, he turned up in a white 924s…. How impressed was I? (very!).

Porsche 924SAfter a good look around it I asked the usual, “How’s it to drive?”… Well I had the shock of my life when, at great speed, a set of keys were thrown at me! Half an hour later, I returned the 924S, with a huge grin on my face, promptly announcing “If you wanna sell it, give me first refusal”.

Tragically four years later, David passed away… After a traumatic few days, we attended his funeral and had a good talk with his family who were coping well. Several months later, I received a telephone call from a solicitor, asking when i could take delivery of a car… “What you talking about?” I asked… You guessed it… I was to receive David’s 924!

When it arrived I thought it looked a little shabby, but would fix up nicely. After a few hours with the T-Cut, I had in front of me a 1986 Porsche 924S in multiple shades of white, with a touch of red thrown in for good measure! OK I thought, a quick re-spray after the MOT, and it’ll be a nice car.

Porsche 924S 02

Ouch! – The car failed the MOT test! I had half expected it, so I said to my mechanic, “Fix it up, I’m gonna do this how my mate would have wanted”.

Here’s what was needed.

18 Hours of welding & preparation work
3 x Tyres
4 x Spark-plugs
2 x Front brake pads
2 x Rear brake pads
2 x Rear brake shoes
2 x Pad fitting kits
2 x Front coil springs
Rear axle mounting bushes
2 x Brake lines
A new fuel tank

At a total cost of £2,160.00

Porsche 924S 05Next, I continued with my plans – I ripped out the interior and had it re-upholstered, then sent it off to the spray shop for a full re-spray in Alpine White.

Total expenditure £3,500.00

When it came to the summer I thought, “I’m gonna start attending classic car shows”, which I have, and love every moment. So, although I lost a very close friend, I have gained a lasting memory, which is noted on the bottom of the number plates: IN MEMORY OF DAVID R.



Porsche 924S