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Porsche 914


I had always wanted a Porsche 914. Having owned various air-cooled cars including Karmann Ghias, Beetles, 181s, and even Trabants, over the years, the Porsche 914 was more of a realistic goal than a 911. It is a very usable classic Porsche and as a classic Volkswagen enthusiast…. it is also a VW! The engine is the 1.7 litre Type 4 pancake engine from Volkswagen with Bosch D Jetronic fuel injection. The 914 was advanced for its time and was fitted with an ECU from 1969!

Porsche 914I found my 1973 California blue-plate car in Cyprus of all places! It was listed on ebay and no one was going near it. A friend was on holiday in Cyprus and went to give it a quick look over for me. The car hadn’t touched the road in Cyprus at all. The owner had houses in Los Angeles and on the island and had shipped the car out for use while there.

I got it home to St Helens via Liverpool docks. It was a little rough and since then, 3 years ago, I have refurbished the injection system and put back some of the original parts it had lost. However, it still retains some patina such as the Californian Seagull poop stains!

20140803_172613This car is US spec, and in the US the 914 was marketed as a Porsche.  In Europe they were marketed as a joint venture through a new company known as VW Porsche. European cars had a VW badge on the horn push and on the hub caps.  In the US the dealers threw loads of Porsche decals on them and removed the VW logos. Even the base model hub caps had the VW badge deleted and Porsche script was added to the engine lid.  I have added genuine, optional from the factory, wider steel wheels which I found in Germany, and also added some rare original hubcaps, which I imported from California.  The ski rack is an original accessory item and rare as hen’s teeth, but as I don’t ski and don’t intend to, I have sold the rack.  The colour is Sonnengelb or Summer Yellow.  A tad bright but when you buy a 914 you can’t be choosey about colour!

I use the car regularly and it is definitely no trailer queen. It is driven and enjoyed.

Porsche 914