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Opel GT

Opel GT

The Opel GT was a two-seater sports coupe produced from 1968 to 1973 and was powered by a 1.9 litre engine, while in Europe a 1.1 litre engine powered the base model. The car is of steel unibody construction and the sporty swooping lines hide a rather spacious interior. The fastback car does not have an externally accessible trunk, with only an internally accessible parcel shelf. One other unusual feature was the operation of the concealed headlamps, which did not pop up, but rotated and operated manually from a lever on the transmission tunnel!

Opel Gt 02My interest in Opel GTs began approximately 40 years ago. I had been driving a Honda CB350 motorcycle to high school every day for a couple of years and in the Fall of 1973 I decided to save my money, sell my Honda and buy an Opel GT. I thought it was one of the most beautiful cars ever made!

I started to check with my local Buick/Opel dealers and to my dismay found out they had ceased production and none had any used ones for sale. I had to abandon my search and ended up going to Continental Cars in Memphis, Tennessee to buy a brand new 1973 Triumph Spitfire. I loved this car and it reliably got me through four years of college. This started a life-long interest in British sports cars and through the years I have owned many different Triumph. Currently my pride and joy is a 1972 Triumph TR6 which I’ve owned for close to 25 years.

Opel GTHowever, I never quite got over not obtaining an Opel GT! For the last 20 years I have, off and on, looked for a GT and 3 years ago began a serious search. I looked over the list of GT owners at opelgt.com and found “Wilhelm”, my GT, which I eventually bought in Detroit, Michigan. However, at that time, the owner, who happens to be a car designer at Ford, did not want to sell his car so we just stayed in contact for the next three years. Eventually I talked him into selling his pride and joy that he had lovingly restored, both mechanically and cosmetically. After a long trip to Chicago to pick up my son and then another 6 hours’ drive to Detroit, we loaded “Wilhelm” on a trailer and headed back to Memphis, with my long awaited Opel GT in tow.

Opel GTWe have owned our GT since last October and despite the awful winter weather have enjoyed it very much and looking forward to the summer and going to various car shows. It has been a long 40-year wait but thankful I’m finally able to drive an Opel GT around Memphis!



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