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MGB Roadster

MGB  Roadster

Here is my 1974 MGB that I have waited almost 35 years for!

My passion for MGBs has been long standing. While at High School and living in Charlotte, North Carolina, I would go to the nearby used car lots each Saturday to ‘test drive’ an MGB. I know the guys at the car lots were getting tired of me.

MGB RoadsterAfter High School I joined the Air Force and my first assignment was in England, where I was lucky enough to obtain a 1967 MGB and for the time I was there I was in heaven.

Sadly I had to leave the car behind when I returned to the States in 1980 – and ever since I have been longing for another MGB.

I finally got my chance to own another MGB in May 2013. After a two and a half-hour drive one way to pick her up, finally there she sat in my man cave in South Carolina. And then the fun began – there were lots of small things to be done to get her into shape.

MGB 02So far I have rebuilt the front-end bushes, fitted a new fuel pump, a new free-flow exhaust tip. I replaced the spark plugs, HT cables and distributor cap. Readjusted the valves, replace the fuel gauge and sender unit in the fuel tank. Rebuilt the rear suspension, fitted a new soft-top, new carpets and window channel felts. Oh and replaced the battery!

I have most of all the electric gremlins worked out so far and it runs like a champ! There are no rattles or squeaks, which is amazing for a 40-year-old car.

MGB Roadster