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Lancashire Classic Car & Motorcycle Show – Hoghton Tower

hoghton tower 2014

Sunday 22nd of June and the sun broke through the clouds just in time for us to travel just a few miles to the Lancashire Classic Car & Motorcycle Show at Hoghton Tower near Preston in Lancashire. We have been to this show several times over the years and it always proves to have a good turnout and today was no exception. We took the Pacer, as we hadn’t shown this car here before and once again she drew the crowds around.

hoghton tower 2014It was great to see a group of young people, who arrived in a 40s Chrysler New Yorker and a period Buick Eight, dressed in period style and enjoying a party along with 40s music and dancing.

We also met up with Peter, from the company that painted our Trans Am, with his wonderful and unique MkII Ford Cortina, which will soon feature in our Virtual Car Show. This car is very special and hides something of a surprise. That’s as much as I will say for now.

There was a really good turnout with a vast variety of cars, due in no part to the lack of single marque club stands. However, my personal bug bear reared its ugly head again. There were way too many modern cars interspersed with the real classics. Who is happy paying £7 entrance fee to see a 62 plate Toyota Avensis, a 63 reg Ford Focus Estate, a new Fiat Panda and the ubiquitous Jaguar S-type?

On the subject of the entrance fee I cannot believe that exhibitors, who turn up on the day, are charged the same as the general public, £7 for each adult and £3 for children under 14 – and not even a rally plaque to show for it. I may be wrong but I am sure that in the past we have turned up on the day and was charged something in the region of £5 for the car and all passengers.

Again, I must point out to show organisers that without the exhibits, you have no show! Strange that traders stands are free.

hoghton tower 2014

Although we really like this show and the variety of cars displayed, I feel it is poor value for money and will seriously think twice before going again.



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