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Lancashire Classic Car & Motorcycle Show Hoghton Tower September 2015

Hoghton Tower Sept 2014

No it’s not deja vu “ there are two instances of this event each year. As we were at a loose end we decided, somewhat last minute, to attend with the Pacer. The day before had been dismal with hours and hours of rain and we woke up on the day of the show to a real pea soup fog. The weather forecast promised sunshine all day so we set off in blind faith. To be fair, the fog lifted almost as soon as we left our village and the sun shone.

Hoghton Tower Sept 2014Hoghton Tower, as the name suggests, is situated atop a hill and the car show is held on a sloping field to one side of the tower. This time the field was wet, and the grass was long, making for a slippery entrance! It’s a shame that sheep hadn’t been allowed to graze as the length of the grass was making it difficult for some of the less able to get around.


Hoghton Tower Sept 2014There were one or two club stands here this time. It was difficult to tell as they were just directed to park up wherever they wanted. There seemed to be little or no organisation to speak of. Basically cars just lined themselves up in decidedly uninteresting rows.

Of course, there were the dreaded moderns interspersed with the classics, which spoiled a lot of people’s photos!

This is one of those shows where exhibitors are invited into the ring to be judged. I’m not personally a fan of this, as I feel vehicle movements on a showground should be kept to a minimum. We were advised, by a muffled Tannoy, that there were a few rally plaques available on a first come first served basis. It’s a pity that there wasn’t a plaque handed out to every exhibitor along with a word of thanks for attending.

Hoghton Tower Sept 2014As I have stated before, exhibitors pay the same entrance fee as the general public and judging by the amount of people on the field, there were very few of the general public about. Perhaps charging the exhibitors to provide the attractions of the show is the only way the organisers can make any money!

All that said, there was a better turnout of autojumble this time (perhaps because an autojumble stall is free). And the show draws some incredible vehicles – including not one, but two Renault Fuegos, a rare Marauder and an immaculate 1981 Toyota Starlet, which had just made the journey down from Ayr, just for this show.

Hoghton Tower Sept 2014Whether we attend this show again is debatable, although it does provide us with a good catch up with some old friends.