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Jensen Interceptor II

Jenson Interceptor II

Memories from a childhood of a Jensen
My father bought his first Interceptor, a Mk II in Frisco Blue with black trim and collected it from the factory on 15th January 1971, number 4021, registered SBR1 (No significance for his initials but was often referred to as ‘Some bloody rotter’). My mother said how thrilled she felt driving away from the factory in the car listening to ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’ on the 8-track tape the factory had given them, they had left behind a red Rover 3500 (P6), so it was a big jump up the car hierarchy.

Jensen 04At the time I was away at boarding school, so it was a few weeks before l got to see the car, being the youngest of three boys l always had to sit in the middle, but being just 12 years old l suppose l was small enough to cope quite happily, and anyway it gave me a very good view of all those instruments. I can still remember one Sunday afternoon l was walking back up the hill to the prep school when l heard this ‘burble’ coming up the road, I turned round to see my parents, they were having to make an unexpected visit to the Headmaster of the senior school on my elder brother’s (mis) behaviour! I also remember sitting in the car in the winter months being very cold outside home, with the air conditioning on in the car, as the handbook said it had to be run at least five minutes every month.
That car was kept until January 1973 before we took delivery from John Bosomworths in Skipton, North Yorkshire of a yellow MKIII (number 136/8084), l can remember us driving off one way in the new one with SBR1 on, and John Bosomworth driving off the other way to London still with SBR1 on the car! That car had a long continental trip down to the south of Spain and back with my parents, my eldest brother who is 6’3″ and his friend who was also nearly 6′, quite how they all got in l am not really sure! In October that Jensen was sadly sold and replaced by a low mileage brown Bentley T1.

Jensen 03The story then jumps 21 years when my father announces that we are all going out for lunch on his birthday across to Huddersfield, but we have to go early. We drive into Grundy Mack Classic car garage and there is this gleaming yellow MKII with his private plate on, he had bought it earlier that week and arranged the transfer (he had just had a reasonably good property deal and was feeling a bit flush!).
But after a couple of years his enthusiasm had diminished for the car, he hadn’t driven it very much, in fact l had done most of the miles and tried to keep it clean, after telling him off for taking it through a roller car wash. He very kindly passed the car onto me for safe keeping with a proviso that he could drive it when he wanted. Dad has now passed away, but the car lives very happily in our garage.

Jensen 05My initial talk of memories stems from the current car, and as l go round washing and polishing the current car, l have such vivid recollections of going back over 30 years to when l was a schoolboy. l can still remember all the shapes and curves for washing, polishing the chrome – particularly the exhaust pipes, the sound of the doors and boot opening and closing, switches, air horn etc etc. I have always enjoyed and taken a pride in washing and polishing cars – it really started in the Jensens we had. My mother at the time had a Vanden Plas 1300 which l also took to washing and polishing, even the cream leather seats which gleamed! – but l was at the age that the underneath of the car did not seem important, and that car had to go when you could see daylight through the rear floor!

Jensen 02
Brief history of current car:- Purchased on 12th September 1995, with 11,670 miles. Completed on 6th August 1971, approximately 15th to the end of MK ll production. Chassis number 123/4227. ln primrose with black leather. First Registered by Charles Follett of Mayfair on the 3rd September 1971 with its current plate to J Frankel (Aluminium) Ltd of Staffordshire and used by a Lady Director in London. Sold by the Receiver of the Company on 5th August 1982 with 8,495 miles on the clock to a Mr Taylor of Poole, Dorset. Sold on 1st July 1988 with 8,772 miles to a Mr Edwards, again of Poole. Sold on 21st August 1989 with 9,942 miles for £29,000 to a Mr Cavalier also of Poole. Current mileage is almost 26,000.