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Ford Escort Mk I 1300 Sport

Ford Escort Mk I 1300 Sport

I acquired this 1974 Ford Escort Mk I 1300 Sport in April 2012. The previous owner had carried out a full restoration, which started in March 2009. The car was originally finished in Tawny metallic paint with a black vinyl roof, which was looking the worse for wear, along with a rather shabby interior. It was decided to respray the car in Diamond White and to try to achieve the RS2000 look.

Ford Escort Mk I 1300 SportThe car was fully stripped down with any rusty panels either repaired or replaced. The wings were removed to fit the RS strengthening plates and new sills were fitted. The front panel was also replaced at this stage. Once the wings were refitted, the car was prepared and sprayed in Diamond White. The underside had stone-chip protection applied and was treated with Waxoyl.

New front suspension struts from a 2.8 Capri were fitted, along with 4-pot callipers and vented discs.

Ford Escort Mk I 05The 1300 engine and four-speed gearbox were replaced with a rebuilt 2.0 litre Pinto unit with alloy sump and a 5-speed gearbox was fitted.

When I bought the car I continued to further improve it. I started by stripping out the interior for a good inspection and to added more Waxoyl into the nooks and crannies. I fitted a new parcel shelf and new rear quarter panels. At this stage a replacement set of RS2000 seats, which had been recovered, were fitted along with a refurbished carpet.

I decided to remove the centre console as it didn’t look right, and replaced it with a flocked alloy cover over the new five speed quick-shift stick. A nice set of spotlights, with custom made covers, finished the car off.

Ford Escort Mk I 1300 SportI also fitted blue harnesses, to match the body stripes, and replaced the steering wheel.

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