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Peugeot 304s Cabriolet – Edith

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Our Peugeot 304s Cabriolet

Edith, our Peugeot 304s Cabriolet, so named after Ms Piaf, because she’s a little French sparrow, came into my hands in 2011 after an evening of browsing ebay with no intention of buying anything! She was local to us and so a trip to view couldn’t hurt. Could it? To cut a long story short we came home with Edith, a 1975 Peugeot 304s Cabrio. The previous owner had done some restoration work to her but prior to that she had been dry stored for a number of years. The bodywork was solid and she drove quite well for an old girl. However there was a problem with the way the engine ran. After a while she would mis-fire, splutter and cough. A quick trip to our local garage revealed a loss of compression on two of the four cylinders. Hopefully it was only the head gasket. There was also a fault with the gearbox, where it would jump out of second. I was decided that she should go for an engine rebuild over the winter. As there was no rush to get her back the garage worked on her at their leisure, while Jim was given the job of sourcing spare parts. It was soon discovered that the aluminium cylinder head was cracked and beyond repair. Also consigned to the scrap heap was the gearbox and a replacement duly found. The whole engine and gearbox was completely stripped and reconditioned. A much bigger job than we first imagined.


Edith attended a couple of shows in 2012, including Tatton Park Classic & Performance Car Spectacular over the Queen’s Golden Jubilee weekend. Due to a lack of space at home, she was put in storage over winter, which is where we discovered Myrtle the AMC Pacer.