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We bought the outdoor Carcoon to protect the Trans Am’s new paint work. I was a little dubious to start with but have to say I am very impressed. The outdoor Carcoon comprises of two main parts, a base mat and the cover, which zips to the base mat. The cover is a double layer of special alloy-coated material with an insulating air gap between. This special material protects from dampness, as well as from ultra violet and infra red damage. It also helps stabilise temperature fluctuations.

Our Classic Cars - CarcoonThe Carcoon comes with a control unit, which not only powers the fans that inflate the Carcoon, but also keeps the vehicle’s battery in condition. An added bonus is that if the power fails, the vehicle battery is automatically selected to power the fans.

The two fans, which inflate the Carcoon and keep it ventilated, are similar to the cooling fans found inside computers and are very economical to run. The Carcoon website states the running costs are about £10 per year. Air is recirculated around the Carcoon and is cleaned using a patented Active Airflow system, which utilises active carbon filters.

After using the Carcoon for the summer, we have found that the silver material of the top colour has discoloured a little due to bright sunlight. This is only slight and I doubt there will be any detrimental effect – Carcoons have been used for years and I have not heard of any problems with the material degrading.

The only weather the outdoor Carcoon would have a problem with would be heavy snow, the weight of which I believe would deflate the unit. This is not a problem for us as we use ours under a carport.

It takes a little time to get the car in the Carcoon and zip it up, but this gets quicker with practice. The Unit only takes a few minutes to inflate.

The noticeable advantage of using the Carcoon is that the car comes out in the same condition as when it was put in. Clean and shiny every time.

Carcoons are available in a wide range of sizes, both indoor and out, and versions are available for motorcycles too. The lovely people at Carcoon will also tailor make one to your specification, so if you have an extra wide or tall vehicle, you can still take advantage of this clever unit.

The units are not particularly cheap to buy, however they are competitively priced when compared to other ‘portable garages’, and are much more convenient to use. If you look at the price as insurance against your car’s paint degrading or tyres getting damaged by UV light then it’s very cost effective.

For more information visit the Carcoon website.

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