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Austin Mini

Austin Mini

This is my first car, which I have had for just about a year. It is an Austin Mini made in 87/88. The car has been in my family for 4 years and is pretty much the same as how we bought it. I’m 18 and still at college so the Mini’s 998cc engine means it’s cheap to insure. I love driving it because even at low speeds such as 40 you still feel like you are behind the wheel of a formula one car, taking each corner as it comes. It can’t get you into too much trouble as long as you respect it. Because it has no modern amenities, it really is you in control of the car. It’s a really fun to drive. It does have some modifications, such as the twin exhausts and the cream Cobra bucket seats.

Austin MiniSince I’ve owned the car, I have fallen in love with everything about Minis, including the modern one I am involved with a club that accepts both classics and modern Minis, because after all, it’s still the same concept we all love.




Austin MiniThe 5901miniclub is ran partly by myself, a classic owner and another modern Mini owner, which makes it a great club to be involved with as there are so many meeting and event opportunities.

Recently we had a photo shoot with a Lancaster Bomber, which was a real success. I got some really good snaps of my car there.

As a young classic car owner I find that I spend more time maintaining the car then driving it, but that’s the fun of owning a classic car I guess. I live in the countryside so it is a constant battle keeping my car nice and clean.

Austin Mini 02
I don’t think I will ever lose my love for this great British icon of a car.